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    Advice for Newbie

    OK, I've read a lot of the educational material so hopefully I don't cover anything already there. (I POSTED THIS FIRST IN THE OVER 35 FORUM BUT DIDN'T GET MANY RESPONSE)..

    I'm 40, 6'3", 9% body fat and have been working out for 6 months trying to add muscle mass. My doctor has prescribed testosterone cream (200mg per day, I think) and HGH (0.4 mg per day) I started at around 192 lbs then added about 8 lbs of muscle (ie. 200 lbs) by lifting weights 3 times per week with pretty good strength gains (often doubling the original weight). After reading posts on this forum, I started 25mg Dianabol about 5 weeks ago and have added another 10 lbs, bringing me up to 210lbs at around 8.5% body fat. It's a great feeling to add muscle and also to feel pumped all the time. Libido is definitely up, too.

    Workout 3-4 times per week. 3 sets of 8-12 reps, all the usual sets. Also, play ice hockey 3-4 times per week.

    My questions:

    - how much of this gain will stick? Does the increased strength allow me to make faster progress building longer term muscle?

    - is there a better cycle? I'm not looking to be a bodybuilder, just add and keep solid muscle and feel great. I also am a little worried about the liver effects of Dianabol. Should I take the HGH up? It's not cheap!

    - sounds like you do a cycle and then chill out for 6 months. Is this because of liver concerns again? I don't actually feel like the Dianabol is stressing my body but maybe there's something going on inside?

    - how do I find a domestic source? I know we can't discuss specific sources but can someone give me a clue on how to find someone reliable? The educational threads basically say, hang around and ask, but frankly that doesn't seem very reliable. I guess it's a bit of a catch-22 but some general hints like Mexican pharmacies are good or this web site has some ratings or something like that.

    - what's the best way to receive mailings of gear without risking a problem? PO Box? Remailer? How safe is it? The Legal Muscle post makes it sound very risky but no one on the board seems to have real problems. Again, any hints would be welcome.

    Feel free to email me offline.

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    im still pretty new to the testosterone cream thing, but i do know that 200mgs a day is alot....thats 1.4g a week...we can probably help you plan out a better cycle if you start one here will probably figure up your cycle for you...maybe decide what drugs you would like to take and we'll help you with the lenght to run them and at what doses...most people go by a saying that says time one = time off...that means that for as long as you are on your cycle, you should take at least that much time off before your next pretty much nailed it on the head by saying giving your liver time to is basically giving your whole body time to far as recieving mailings i think it is fine to send them to your house...i put up a post a while back before i ordered and just about everyone said that its fine to put your name on the package too...hope that helps...any other questions just pm me

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