Just started (end of first week) winstrol /deca cycle. As this is my first cycle I was hoping for some help with a few questions. Being in the medical field, I am paranoid about side effects but also ready to move past this workout plateau....
Deca (NORMA) (6 weeks): 200mg/week: weeks 1,2,5,6
400mg/week: weeks 3,4
Winstrol Depot (ZAMBON): 50mg EOD total 8 weeks

1. When I up to 400mg Deca per week, is it best to take the two injections same day or say 200 mon, 200fri??
2. The injections have been cake EXCEPT for the third day after injecting winstrol into my vastus lateralis...It feels like I was Slugged in the thigh with a baseball bat. Walking down stairs is brutal today. I massaged the area, injected slowly etc...IS this Normal?? And if so how do you do a set of squats when you need to inject 3 times per week (i am varying sites, but like clockwork the next day or 3rd day after the site is very tender)??
3. Last night I felt extremely warm, almost feverish, although no colds or infections. Even my GF noted this. AC was cranking, and I could barely sleep) It has been weighing on my mind. I am a plastic surgeon, so sterility of the injection is not an issue. Is this to be expected while on this cycle??
4. I will be taking a week vacation...how or lets say is it safe to pack my gear in the bag I check in?? Obviously cant take it in my carry on. But I dont want to interrupt the cycle. Any ideas or experiences??
5. Lastly, Anyone tried this type of cycle before?? I am anxious to know what kind of results to expect and when do the results start to kick in??