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    Question possible gyno, need some opinions

    Whats up bros. Running deca 400mg/week, test 400mg/week. Feeling pea size lumps under nipples, no itching or burning at all. But a noticable lump, and I can visually see it ,although no-one else can. Guess its cause I know it there. Anyways, with this being a lower dose of test imo, I didn't expect it. I got liquid tomoxifen (nolvadex ). Running 40mg a day for now, if no improvement in a week, I will up to 60mg/day. When it starts to subside, I will lower to 20mg a day for as long after my cycle as possible. Sound right? I have heard to start with 80mg a day, and I have heard to run 20mg throughout, its all that is needed. I'm no expert at gyno, so I need some opinions bros!
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    I would run at least 60mg until the gyno symptoms subside then run at 20 mg throughout the remainder of the cycle and recovery. Also might want to use some bromo or B6 in case it is from the deca .

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