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    QV to Greek Deca

    I don't have enough QV deca for my final shot. Is it ok to switch to Greek Deca's? My concern is that the QV is vet. grade while the Greek is human. Does is matter? Anyone else experience not enough with their QV 300 Deca for a 10 week cycle? I seemed to get only 9 cc's out of mine.

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    As far as switching brands, it's OK. Vet vs. human is not a problem.

    As far as the seemingly short bottle of deca , there have been many threads about this. The thought is that for every 1cc you inject, about 1/10cc is left in the pin. Therefore, after you do your first 9 shots, there would only be 1/10cc left in the bottle. It sucks, but that's how it works out. In the future plan for this "shortage" when buying your gear.


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