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    Need Info on an AAS that is NOT hard on hair

    Hi All. I'm on my first cycle, test 300mg/week and, although my wife thinks I'm crazy and paranoid, I'm quite certain I've lost a lot of hair. (I've only taken 3 shots but noticed definite hair loss). It comes out everytime I run my hand through my hair and I'm seeing it everywhere. Also, my head itches like crazy. I've got nizoral, spiro and azelaic acid on the way and hope that helps. I'm in my third week of this first cycle and am discontinuing b/c of the hair loss issue.

    I want now to use an AAS that is not so hard on the hair. I'm under the understanding that deca (nandrolone ) is the AAS I'm looking for. My plan would be to recover from this cycle (unless I can get good deca this week), and then go on a deca cycle, supplemented with a minor amount of test (to keep the noodle working).

    Can anyone confirm that deca is the most recommended AAS for those with hair loss issues? Also, I thought I read somewhere that combining nandrolone with test can be a disaster on the hair. Is this true? If so, what would you recommend?

    Oh, one more thing, what are the most recommended brands of deca?

    Thanks, Go.

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    Everyone differs, but I would think anavar is the least hard on the hairline.

    Common brands of deca are Quality Vet, Organon, Hella Norma, PVL, EQL, **, RT, etc. lot's of different brands.

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