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    Clen/ECA while on ACCUTANE??? SAFE???

    just wondering if it would be bad to do clen and eca while on accutane....i would ask my doctor, but he is old and probably doesn't know shit about clen due to the fact its not approved by the fda in america, and i'm sure he would tell me that ephedra is the devil regardless of accutane...i want you bros' opinions....

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    From what I have seen accutane has a potentially serious side effect pseudotumor cerebri (an elevated pressure in the brain). Now, speaking from firsthand knowledge, I know clen can cause this same problem (major headaches).

    Since you have to cycle the accutane anyway, or at least that's what I've read, I would wait until you're off the stuff before using an eca stack or clen. It's probably best to be cafeful.

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