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    Question ||Cycle Advice||Sust stack with Clen/Winstrol???

    I have been running sust for 4 weeks. I am planning to continue for a few more weeks and throw in some winstrol . But is it okie if i throw in some clen right now,i am gaining mass but no shape, if i add some clen and start doing more cardio will it be better? But what im afraid of is i wont be eating if i am on clen. And i wont get any bigger... Any suggestions...And when should i start winstrol and novaldex? i have both in hand...just not sure when to start them... any suggestions? I have access to primo aswell..should i add a few amps to my cycle and stack with sust...its my 4th week and ive gained 4-5 kgs.
    Week 1: Sust 250mg
    Week 2: Sust 500mg
    Week 3: Sust 500mg
    Week 4: Sust 500mg (Here now)
    Week 5: Sust 500mg
    Week 6: Sust 250mg

    I should be gaining more mass, but i dont know why i aint. any suggestions...plez help out...
    thanks peace.

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    First of all your dosages of sus are way too low. 2nd: you don't need to pryamid.
    You should have run it like this:
    Week 1-2 Sus 750 mgs
    Week 3-10 Sus 500mgs
    Week 7-12 Winny 50mgs ed

    You can run clen throughout the cycle, 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off.
    Trying to bulk and cut at the same time is hard to do. I'd pick one or the other and stick w/ that.
    You don't need nolva unless u start getting gyno. If your not getting any symtoms then don't take it.
    You can add primo in @ 400mgs per week but you have to run it for 8 weeks.
    If your not gaining as much mass as u want start eating more.

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    agreed, if ur taking sus alone, you should realyl use 750 mg/ew, if u were stacking it with like deca or d-bol, then 500mg/ed would be fine. I also fully agree with Mbaraso, you cant cut and bulk at same time. well of course you can, in a PERFECT WORLD. but our world is far from perfect ! Good luck !

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