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    dball/deca/test cycle questions

    hey i hope you guys can help me out. i am about to start my first cycle. i am gonna be taking 25mg of dball every day for weeks 1 - 3. along with that im gonna take 300mg of deca along with 200mg of test every week for weeks 1 - 10. do you think i should use some clomid after this cycle ends and if so how much and when should i start it and for how long should i stay on it. i have never used steroids before. im 22yrs old and have been lifting seriously for 5yrs. bodyfat is 12% im 5'4" 165 pounds. also what kind of gains should i aquire assuming i eat a well balanced high protein diet.

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    I would advise you to up the test to 400mg/wk. And yes clomid will be needed afterwards. Read cycleon's thread on clomid in the educational threads.

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