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Thread: shot question

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    shot question

    I just did my 4th shot of sust and i went to do it in my left the for the 2nd time. When i broke the skin there was no pain, but when i went to push into the muscle it killed. I changed legs and shot it in my right thigh instead. Is this bad that i shot into my right leg 3 times and my left only once, and why did it hurt so bad in my left??

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    My left quad usually hurts a little more than my right, and I tend to hit nerves on the left quad more often. I have no idea why, just thought I'd tell you.


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    If you hit a nerve either pull back a little, re-adjust the angle, and keep going (which is what I do everytime). Or if you want to pull completely out and start over, just move an inch from the previous injection site and go again. I don't see why you would give up on an injection muscle completely because you hit a nerve. And althought shooting the right 3 times really doesn't matter, try and switch injection sites as often as possible.

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