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Thread: My T3 Cycle

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    My T3 Cycle

    Ok i read some educational threads and did a little math work to try and figure out how many pills to take each day. Can someone who has used cytomel tell me if this looks like an OK cycle and wont fuck up my thyroid? This cycle will go for 42 days (6 weeks week).




    % percent is my ramp to my maximum, 20% is at my maximum, and then 55% is on my way back down to normal. each number represents the amount of pills i will take on that day. At 5% there is 1 day at 1 pill and 1 day at 2 pills, at 40% there is 16 days at 4 pills, at 55% there is 7 days of 3 pills 4 days of 2 pills 2 days of 1 pill and 4 days of 1/2 pills.

    I think i did this right after finally taking out a calculator and doing all the math. Someone please give me some input and see if you agree.

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    I wouldn't stay at 3 for as long drop to 2 a little quicker and stay at 1 for a little longer. IMO.


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