At 49 and having been active (including the gym) for most of my life I've find myself 6'2" / 220#. With exercise and diet I can hit any easy 205 within 8-10 weeks. My problem is muscle strain in my shoulders that seem to creep in and keep me off weights for a few weeks. (An ugly pattern)

I read an article in Men's Fitness giving some comforting info on steroids /benefits used in moderation. (A few stacks over the course of a couple years.) My doc is willing to write a script for Androlgel (My testosterone levels support it.) and monitor liver, etc. w/blood tests.

I've also read a few of these threads re: minor juice flowing thru gel/patches.

Question? My testosterone level doesn't require meds....IS THE ANDRO WORTH MY TIME for building more and stronger muscle and will it facilitate weight loss?

Thanks for your time and feedback.