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    side effects...of ghb

    can someone give me the side effect of ghb....i mean does that shit eat ur organs up cause im been takin it alot.........give me the scoop on it please.

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    1 could die...?

    Sorry, never taken G myself, not to anxious to put those chemicals in my body

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    excerpt from GHB FAQ @

    1-4 g.
    A typical "recreational dose" is 1.5-2.5 g
    3-4 g will induce sleep
    >5 g is an overdose that can dangerously suppress respiration.
    At a sufficiently high dose, GHB can cause CLONUS, a rapid, rhythmic contraction and relaxation of muscles which would be better described as muscle spasm or uncontrollable twitching than a seizure. GHB can also cause intense drowsiness, abrupt sedation, and deep sleep which is probably better described as unarrousability or deep sedation than coma.

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    Im pretty big into THE G dude, but i know when enough is enough, although i have a freind who takes everything to the extreme... He actually ended up in the hospital because of G...He does G untill he falls into a G hole...(basically passes out) and he was with this chick and passed out infront of her house in his car... If he was with any of our boyz he would have been fine, but she freaked out and called 911...My only suggestion to u is to make sure ur around people who know what your doin and how to help u, or so on...

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