About 3 months ago I had to end my cycle premature due to a cut I got on my eye while working at my club. I was at week 6 of Test. Enanthate + EQ when I stopped training all together to lie in bed with a bandage on my eye and 1 week of morphine...I was horny as hell, even afterwards I would not stop getting hard all the time...This lasted for the 6 weeks I did not train for numerous reasons, for the following 3 months I barely had any libido, I just met a chick a couple of weeks ago and although I'm really into her, I'm just not into sex. Although I get the morning boners and can get hard if needed, I feel big time jaded, could it be purely mental?? I just started my summer cycle which is working real great (100mg Test. Prop EOD + 300mg of EQ/Week), but still I have no libido!!!

I'm kind of confused on what's going on, I've always been a dog, so what's the didly yo?