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    Price Check On Winny

    Actually I don't have any winny. But I was going to order some from one pharmacy in mexico how is STAN QV 50 injectable (winny,winstrol ). They are giving me a price of $159 for a 20 ml vial. It is 50mg/ml. They also are offering 100mg/ml Stanol V injectable ( wini) Ttokkyo . But that is $293 for a 20ml vial. Either way I need 2 of the QV or 1 of the Ttokkyo..

    Don't those prices seem stiff??

    Any other suggestions??
    My 1st Cycle (currently on week 6)

    Week#1- 400mg Deca & 25 mg dbol ed
    Week#2-300mg Deca & 500 Test Depo(Galenika/YU)&30mg Dbol ed
    Week#3-300mg Deca & 500 Test Depo & 30mg Dbol ed
    Week#4-300mg Deca & 500 Test Depo & 30 mg Dbol ed
    Week#5-300mg Deca & 500 Test Depo
    Week#6-300mg Deca & 500 Test Depo
    Week#7-300mg Deca & 500 Test Depo
    Week#8-300mg Deca & 500 Test Depo
    Week#9-300mg Deca & 500 Test Depo
    Week#10300mg Deca & 500 Test Depo

    Probably adding winny in weeks 8-12 @ 50mg ed or extending test & deca to 12 weeks and running winny weeks 10-14 then start the clomid right after.

    Currently Up 25 Lbs still growing and eating like its pussy!!

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    If you are buying the 50mg 20ml in Mexico, it should be around $80...

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    dear lord thats expensive, if you need help getting it for less shoot me a pm, i know someone down there. =P

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