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Thread: what to use

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    Question what to use

    m 18 years old 6 foot 4 and a half and weigh about 260 pouds
    my max bench is 235 im about 26 percent body fat i want to lose pounds and get cut because i wrestle and cant get over 275 i want to know what to use, it was always said if i got into shape and stornger i could play football in college

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    too young to consider juicing bro...starting AS use at 18 now just for football is a dumb decision in my opinion.

    at 26% you have alot of fat to lose, and with only a 235 bench for your size you can make some dramatic strength gains if you stick to eating clean and working hard in the weight room.

    wait a few more years bro, you really shouldn't be considering this now since it is for all the wrong reasons at your age.

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