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    Trenbolone or deca

    i am a football player is socal
    i went from 300 (alot of fat) to 245 (not alot of fat)
    i took 6 weeks of test 200 , then, 1 month of of oral reforbit-b while on an eca stack
    i need to put on about 20 pounds of muscle by august while not putting on fat and cut up ( sounds like 2 different cycles )

    after doing alot of research ive came to 2 options

    Stack A

    - winstrol depot 50mg/every 2 days --- 6 weeks
    - trenbolone acetate (finaplix ) 2 (20 mg) tabs via DMSO every 2 days--- 6 weeks
    - cytomel 6-15-10

    Stack B

    - Deca (noradren 200) 500 mg week --- 6 weeks
    - winstrol depot 50mg/every 2 days --- 6 weeks
    - cytomel 6-20-10

    i live fairly close to mexico ( so i plan to go there to get my winstrol and cytomel regardless) any ideas on how to improve my stack , and what type of does of tren shold i take
    i consider myself a steroid novice so anyother advice would be much appriciated

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    DMSO fina just isnt the way to go. I have tried every form of tren and injection is the only way to insure your getting what you think your getting.

    75mgs ED is recommended for tren cycles. Run test with it to avoid "fina dick"

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    I'd shit can the cytomel and concentrate on diet.

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    DMSO and orals are not the way to go if you want results.

    If you value your football game/carreer STAY AWAY from deca . With a detection time of over a year you could shoot yourself in the foot big time.

    As Buddha (our resident Tren expert ) said, fina 75mg ED and test prop 100mg ED for 6-8 weeks would do you good.

    Of course don't forget your anti-e's and clomid therapy.

    And as bro Demitri said, you got to fine tune your diet! All the juice in the world won't help you unless your diet is up to scratch.

    (BTW thanks for listing your birth date in the profiles, we really appreciate it.)


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