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Thread: First cycle

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    First cycle

    Goal is to finally have a hard and ripped look after many weeks off bulking, I have a great metabolism and good pair of genetics so even though I went through massive eatings with clean foods though, I did not gain much fat.

    Anyways here is my protocol:

    anavar : 4 days of 100mg
    winny: 4 days of 100mg

    both ran at 50mg a day for five total weeks after frontloads!

    Now, I know about the liver toxicity and therefore plan on using r-ala, and liver tabs.
    Also, I don't think it will and should be a huge issue, liver that is, since Ive read many posts on users using winny at 100mg for weeks, months, and all this with other steroids . So, running both at 50mg can be tolerable.

    Both compounds are ** orals, I received a good batch directly from ** though he did state that they are only 5mg but follow tabs as if they are 10mg (this was weird), so eventhough I state 50mg of anavar a day, it will actually only amount to 25mg of actual anavar.

    Now the other compound that makes up the anavar ** said it was intermidiates which are unconverted steroids in one or more synth steps?

    So after researching hours,days, weeks, and now one month I ask for help as far as dosing times go? what are the best times? and how far apart should they be spaced?


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    u will be on the waiting list for a liver transplant bro. y not sell the var and add some prop?? i wouldnt risk taking 2 17 aa orals in the same cycle. its your body its your choice. peace.

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