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    Question first test cycle and dieting questions

    I just started my first cycle of test. At first i was told to pyramid the dosage. Then I was told to take 2 cc every 5 days. Thats what I am going to do. I am 27 years old, 205lbs 5'10". I have a little bit of a belly. Im looking to put on as little water weight as possible and trying to lose my gut. What should I do about dieting? I was thinking Atkins. Will this work. Please help me .

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    what kind of test are you using? and what brand?..just curious..and bump on his dieting question because i too have the dreaded spare tire syndrom that takes awhile to get and takes even longer to lose.


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    First of all could you give us a little more detail on your cycle. How long are you running it? What type of test are you running? What strength is your test? Do you have ancillaries such as arimidex (or nolvadex ) and clomid?

    As far as deit, for your purpose I would stay completely away from least for now. I'm not a proponent of the Atkins diet but it does produce fast results, usually they are not permanent and alot of the initial wieght loss is water. But the main factor is, if you are taking an AAS your obvious intent is to put on muscle. In order to do that you must consume alot of protein and alot of GOOD carbs to fuel your intenese workouts. You should also be taking in 80-100g of high glycemic carbs mixed with a fast absorbing protein immediately after lifting to replace lost glycogen as well as to induce and insulin spike. Based on your bodyweight, I would recommend 3500-4000 calories per day with 300g protein, 50-60g fat (good fats) and between 400-600g carbs. If you are looking to drop fat, cycle your carbs and do moderate cardio 3-4 times per week.

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