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    HGH and cycle how long?

    It is written that for optimum results of HGH, a user keep androgens high, use some T3, and insulin . Various insulin posts regarding this plus and minuses. I have read where guys stay on HGH for years or at least very long times. Am I to assume that they continue doing gear all this time or do they cycle the gear and continue with the HGH when off the gear???

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    I guess you can do it either way depending on ur goals, would say that hgh is innefective in short cycles, and needs to be used for at least 3-6 months minimum, I am about to embark on my cycle so i can let you know when it happens. I will cycle aas in short cycles so i will be on and off juice so to speak during the 6 months i am going to run it, i will use a small dose of t3 right through. I wont be using insulin , just my choice, most people say its best with but i dont intend to use it, my goals are local fat loss, skin elasticity(if it can help) and hopefully some gains in there, just want to try it out really


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    You can run a low dose throught the cycle, the was toj is doing it is another way or stay on the whole time doing moderate doses then low doses.


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    Lets say you start a typical big cycle including GH/slin/T_3/Test/dbol /deca etc in January, you stay on all that gear til May, then feel like your body needs a break. Most guys i know will drop the "juice", start post cycle therapy , and just stay on the GH/slin/T-3 for a nice break maybe a few months, to see if your nutz are still there, then hop back into another cycle in August, continuing the GH for as long as possible.

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