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    Hello, i work at a local gym and im 25 years old and have no knowledge of steroids . I have met alot of people at the gym and some are teens. A couple have asked me which is the best steroid , but i always tell them that all i know is that there not good for you at your age and try to steer away from them. They tell me how many of there friends do them and that pretty much nothing will change there mind on taking them(you all know how the teens are on here! stubborn!!!) Anyways, i know these kids are gonna try them no matter what anyone says. I dont want to see any of them get hurt so i think the best way to go is to just do a little research for them and see which is the safest AS. Can any of you guys tell me which steroid in your opinion is safest with the least side effects and good strength and mass gains? I would rather tell these kids of a safer steroid instead of them trying one that has high risks.

    Thanks, NJ

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    Well it sounds like good intentions but since you work for the gym these kids come to, if anything should happen to them or their parents find out, all the kids have to say is well "this guy from the gym said" and you and your employers are in a world of hurt. It sounds bad but let it go or try to notify their parents about what they're wanting to do if you feel like you need to intervene(spelling). Best of luck to ya.

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    Hey bro, sorry but here at AR we frown on giving AS advice to minors. Even if there going to do them anyway. I see ur point in wanting to give them advice because there going to do it anyway. But the best advice u can give is tell them to wait, whats the rush!


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    Why dont you look up some of the underage juicing threads on this board -trust me there are plenty- and read about the side effects that many teen juicers realize. But NEVER tell a teen what you think he/she would be ok cycling. All steroids have risks. There is no magical juice where we keep all our gains and never have sides. Just tell them that.

    search for username mikeygas14 <===this sums it up pretty well

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