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    alevok Guest

    god damn doctor confused me about GH

    Ok I have been using GH for 82 days now without t-3 and insulin . The doc that I talked to told me that GH itself could cause obesity and thyroid disfunction in the future. I am running 4 iu ed and thinking about adding lt-3 and insulin just to be on the safe side. What do you guys think about what doc said? Any info will be appreciated.

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    How did you approach your doc about you juice usage? Do you get monitored by him/her? I want to ask some question to my doc and get checked out but dont want to get screwed. but when i think about it i dont think a doc would screw ya because there out to help you. I just bitch out on asking for some reason.

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    alevok Guest
    In Turkey you can talk to doc about AS cause they are legal here.
    SGFuryZ you just mentioned about my situation with GH, even though I eat tons of junk food recently I do not gain any fat and I am still lean. Still not decided wheter I use slin and t3 or not. GH experienced bro, please help this bro out.

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