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    Members Advice Needed on this Cycle!!!!

    Hey guys,

    I've just moved this thread as I posted it on the wrong forum initially.

    Can anyone help me here? "Alot of you guys know your shit".

    Let me know what you think re: this cycle if you think it's crap or could be better say so and duly flame it, but let me know why it is and what I could do to improve it!....either leave a post or feel free to PM me. No offence taken for negative feedback, I'm here to learn!

    O.K. here goes- I've been keeping a low profile and been doing some major time researching on various websites for my 1st cycle, so I didn’t have to piss too many people off by posting and asking dumbass questions that have already been answered many times by other posts!!! I have now tentatively decided on a cycle and would like experienced members to take a look and give me their feedback, positive or negative.

    First, my stats:
    Age: 29
    Height: 5’8
    Weight: 185lbs….@ 12-15% B/F
    Training experience: 12 years

    Biceps: 15”
    Forearm 12” 2/8
    Waist 33”
    Thigh: 25”
    Calf: 16”

    I have given a lot of thought about using AAS over time. I am not a 16 year-old that has been training for 2 weeks and wants to get bigger fast. I have paid my dues in the gym and feel I can't get much further naturally. After conducting as much research as I could, knowing the positives and negatives I have my eyes wide open. When I first started training I weighed around 151 lbs so I have gained well naturally, although 12 years is a long time. I have stagnated over the last few years and have basically tried every theory in the book. Having said that I don’t subscribe to the 6-7 days a week training theory, (or even worse 2 x a day).

    My Goal for this cycle is to gain 20-25lbs initially and keep a solid 10-15lbs if possible.

    I have designed my 1st 10 week cycle on what probably looks like a conservative dosage to most guys, but I'm also looking to minimize side effects as much as possible.

    D-Bol: 30mg weeks 1-4
    Deca : 300ml-400mg weeks1-10
    Sust: 500ml weeks 1-10

    Clomid therapy will commence 3 weeks after last injection.

    1 day 300mg
    10 days 100mg
    10 days 50mg

    Nolvadex will be on hand in case of Gyno.

    Other supplements I will be taking whilst on cycle:

    Multi vitamin
    Extra Vitamin C - 2000mg
    Saw Palmetto - 3200mg
    Milk Thistle
    L-Glutamine - 10gms per day

    My diet will consist of approx 3000-3500 cals.
    50% Carbs
    35% Protein
    15% Fat

    My main sources of protein is coming from
    Chicken Breasts
    Protein Powder

    Main sources of Carbs
    Brown Rice
    Raw Oatmeal
    Wholemeal bread

    I believe I am susceptible to male pattern baldness as I have a slightly receding / thining hairline. I have weighed the consequences and am willing to loose it to gain it so to speak. Having said that I will be taking Saw Palmetto and Nizoral make an attempt to combat the loss if possible. I'm not overly concerned as I have decided to shave it off if it does start to go!!

    I have taken Accutane in my early 20’s for acne and have not had any since then. Will I still be likely to get acne on AAS even though my glands have settled down. In other words will any signs of acne be suppressed by having taken Accutane in the past and cured the problem back then?


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    Looks well thought out and researched to me. Acne is a hard thing to call since it seems to be very person specific. Nice to see you did your homework before you posted. It seems fewer are doing that here these days.

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    Looks good bro. The only thing that I would change would be the sust. I always recommend a single estered test for a first cycle like enth or cyp. If you decide to change you can run it for 11wks at 500mg/wk. Everything looks good. Good luck.

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    Looks good but i agree i think sticking with a single ester would be better for a first cycle. But anyways whatever u decide looks like u will do ur homework. Happy Growing.

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    one addition. If you can - get ahold of and run some Adex or Ldex. I didn't use it the 1st time - did this time - bloat is almost nothing. It is alot better then nolva, imo.

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    I agree with redrumkev. Try the liquidex, .5mg/EOD. Its an awesome product against gyno and bloating.

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    To avoid all hassles...I would consider running a-dex or l-dex .5mg ED (even during your Clomid therapy).

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    Bump...anyone please

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