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Thread: ephedrine

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    If I take a couple of pills of ephedrine on a certain day, how long will it be able to be detected in my system? I am asking because i am a d-1 college athlete and ephedrine is banned by the ncaa.

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    in the same boat, testing for us is usaully every tuesday, but most of us have stopped on sunday or even early monday and have had no problems

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    I'm subjected to IOC testing and can tell you that I was tested last summer 2 and a half days after taking a shit load of Ephedrine before and during a competition. I just drank a shed load of water and flushed it through the system - I passed the test no problems. ( I took so much of the stuff that I didn't sleep at all during the night and didn't feel tired until the following evening.!!!)

    I hope that helps!

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