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    first bulking cycle

    Hi bro's i try to describe my experiance in my first cycle that i didh't finish yet (i am now in start of 7 week), but i believe that may help some other friends who thing to start his first cycle.

    My cycle is 1-12 week 500mg testoviron depot
    1-12 week 400mg deca
    1-6 week 30mg d-bol ed

    I stard the cycle monday 178 pounts 7/4/2003 having all the deca i need ,all the d-bol ,and only 6 testoviron and i was order by mail another 50 testoviron for my cycle and for future cycles

    Evrything was going ok i get in 2.5 weeks about 12lb at the 3th week my package seized bu customs, i was waiting for testoviron and wish the dealer send me by mistake 50 sustanon anyway i try to found anything trest enantate but nothing until end of 3 week at least i found sustanon and i continue my cycle with sustanon from the 4 week until 3.5 weeks everything was ok i gain 17-18 lb .

    at he end of week 4 i get stomach pain wish i discover later after a lot of checks in hospitals that the dbol fall ( the reins have filter that filtering the blood from oxidant and general cleaning the blood and the oxidant and dirty assence go to urine and get out as piss,those filter don't live the blood to go out to urine ), unfortunately the d-bol relax and open those filters in reins and the blood insert to urine and go out as piss and i was having bleeding and lost a lot of blood and my hemoglobin going from 14 to 11 and i was feeling very down and strengthlessness i stop immediately the d-bol and i start iron and multivitamintha bad luck is that happen in 1% of people use d-bol and i was have the luck to be one of them.

    now from 4.5 week until 7 week i am stack to 198 pounts ,my strenght is the same i am on start of 7 week i gain until now 20 pounts my doctor say me that maybe i need a month to get over well and i continue my cycle with 500mg sust,and deca 400week until 12 week i hope that those badluck days are gone and to gain onother 5-10 pounts .

    Thanks for any advise or support airpit

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    Never start a cycle without everything you need in that cycle


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    u have right at least i found sustanon but the problem is the dbol so i stop it

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