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    Lightbulb clem intake cycle question

    Whats up dudes, I have made some priovious post on my current cycle and i have another question and wondering ur opinion...
    MY current cycle
    Test enat 500 mgs weeks 1-10
    Decca QV 300 mgs weeks 1-10
    Anavar 20 mgs ED weeks 8-12
    Winny 50 mgs EOD weeks 8 - 13
    AND clomid therapy after words....
    OK heres the question, I have around 400 tabs of CLembutorals and i was planning on using them while I am commin of to really cut up even more....Tommorow week 6 starts so i have 2 weeks before the anavar and winny starts. I was wondering if you think i will see better results if i run 2 weeks of clembutoral before i start the anavar and winny? I also know that it is not good to run 2 17aas at the same time but i am using low dosages of both and anavar is not that toxic....But i dont want to loose to much size, so what do u guys think? BUT i really want my abs to be shredded......

    Currently 6'4 260 pretty fuckin ripped, abs showing.

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    Personallly my friend, I myself like to use Clen post cycle, during my Clomid theorpy, for several reasons.
    You are doing your winny the later part of you cycle. This will get out of your system pretty fast, and by the time you start your clomid cycle, your gear would've left you system as well.
    Starting clen post cycle, IMO helps with the catabolic effect of coming off AS. It will also help you lean up more due to the fat burning properties of it, and studies have shown that Clen can possibly have some anabolic properties, again possibly. I think the reason for this is the help with that catabolic effect after you body is starved for hormones.
    I almost always use Clen post cycle, if I want to burn fat and lean up during a cycle, I use t 3. T 3 again is not recommended without AS cause it CAN BE CATABOLIC in some instances.
    So there you have it, my .05 worth.

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