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    Help Help Help

    Ok, I recently purchased what I thought was Nolvadex ... 50mg's, and well it turned out to be Abombs.... I was takeing them to try and lessen my gyno that I already had.... I read that 5 weeks of Nolva alone might lesson the nips.... but about 3 weeks in they got itchy as hell so I stoped and got a lil nervous. now about 2 weeks later my gyno has gotten worse! WHAT SHOULD I DO!!!! I basically cant go back to where I got them from cause they already fucked me over once with the sick joke of sending Abombs. Is their really anything I can do? I am trying to locate some nolvadex locally... will that help me at all at this point?

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    Get some liquid nolva, there are lots of online sites that sell it. Use google and search for liquid tamoxifen citrate.

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    I wish somebody would fuck me by sending me anadrol instead of Nolvadex . Why can't you go back to them? I don't think they did it on purpose since it makes no business since. Didn't you notice the large amount of water weight you were gaining by the second week? I am sorry it happened but how do you know it is anadrol?

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