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    Over the counter Fat Burning Drinks...

    I started taking ABS 'Speed Stack' from GNC. Was wondering if anyone has had any luck cutting up with other fat burning drinks that are over the counter. I just came off Clen cycle, and I am mixing ephedra and hydroxycut and these drinks to shed the few extra pounds....- Any recommendations?- Thanks

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    Most of those cutting drinks are just ephedra and caffeine. Just like the pills. Should have the same results then. My bro swears by the Stacks. He said it hypes him up like nothing ever.

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    remember to stay hydrated...water intake isn't stressed enough when doing an aggressive cutter, especially if you time it 30 minutes before a meal.

    i wouldn't run all those supps together though, ECA's make me too jittery and anxious even at a little more than recommended dosage.

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