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    Help With Primo Addition

    Hey whats up? I have been trying to research Primo for a little while now and i cant get any definitive answers on the subject. I want to add it on the cycle below. Please tell me what dossage you think i should use? How long should i administer it? How many times should i inject per week? Ohh yeah and the Primo i can get is GenMED.

    Week 1-5 50mg ed Androl (Androlic, BD)
    Week 1-11 400mg Deca 1x week(Supra Labs)
    Week 1-12 250mg Test Eth 4x week (1gram) (Supra Labs)
    Week 9-14 50mg ed Winstrol (Injactable) (Supra Labs)
    Week 6-17 .25mg Arimidex ed (Liquid Arim)

    *Clomid theraphy afterward of course.

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    I don't know what ml to mg ratio genmed is but you should run primo more so towards the end of this cycle @ 400mgs per week. Run it 8-10 weeks.
    If you wanna go straight into clomid 1 or 2 days out then don't run the Primo right to the end of week 14. But if your not going straight into clomid then run it till week 14. Does that make sense? lol

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    Run the primo up until 2wks prior to your post cycle clomid. IMO primo should be ran at a min.of 400mg/wk and I wouldn't run less than 10wks.

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