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    Place To Get Cheap Hgh!?

    Hey guys,

    I've been looking for a place to get HGH, and I have found some places online with it for sale, with low prices, but I'm not sure if it is for real.

    I had posted some links, but I found out that is against the rules, and this is the second time I'm editing my post, since 'everything' seems to be against the rules. Cool that no one is willing to help out, just bitch. I asked to be e-mailed about people's information, and instead of being helped, I'm getting bitched out about it, again. How about we talk about stuff that doesn't mean a damn to either one of us? It totally pisses me off how no one is willing to be useful, just an ass.

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    There is no source posting allowed. PM a mod if you have source questions.

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    That Mexico one sounds good to me, I dont know about legit though.

    Ive never researched this stuff because it always seems too dangerous and expensive. My doc just told me today that you def need insulin to go w/ it. Dont want to windup a horror story and feed the flames of propaganda.

    But, how many IUs/week would make a moderate cycle? THe Humatrope seems to be a good deal.

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    Thanks for removing the sites, but from what I understand you should not be asking for sources in a public forum. Talk privately to the appropriate people like Jdawg said.


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    bro read the god dman rules ,no need for unwanted heat to the board and a anothe thing to be responding to any email u recieve saying they can hook u up .

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