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    Dbol dosage Question: All at once vs Spread Out?

    I tried to search for the answer but came up empty. I'm going to be taking 25mg of Dbol a day for the first four weeks of my cycle and was wondering whether it would be more effective to take all five tabs at once prior to training or try to spread them out throughout the day. I know dianabol 's half life is short (like 4.5 hour or something) but I was just wondering which dosage method was most commonly practiced.

    Entire cycle:
    Dbol: 25mg ed 1-4
    Deca : 400mg /w 1-10
    Test Depo: 500mg/w 1-12
    Proviron : 50mg ed
    Clomid: 300/100/50 week 15+
    Nolvadex : On hand


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    to get more stable blood levels you should split up the doses throughout the day.


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    xxxl83 is right - split them up throughout the day. dbol has a halflife of about three hours max. if you take all your tablets in the morning you will have little, if any at all, left in your system by the time you go to bed.

    take one as soon as you wake up. then take one every three and a half hours. personally I'd take 30mg per day and take one every three hours so i have one just before i go to bed.

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    With d-bol try and split your doses at least 3 times/day to keep your blood levels constant.

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