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    Question Help!? Injection schedule planning

    My first cycle will consist of 400mg Deca /w and 500mg Test Depo/w with half on monday and half on thursday. This will be my first time injecting and they will be self administered so I was hoping for a little input on injection site/ amount planning. The easiest would just be to alternate quads every monday and thursday with a single shot but I am thinking a 3cc quad shot might be a little large for my first time. I wanted to mix the two together because I heard the deca takes away some of the added pain caused by the test. I'm trying to figure out how many/what size pins I will need. Thanks.

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    I have had no problems shooting 3ccs in either my glute or my quad. I mixed 2cc of deca with 1cc of sust. I used a 4cc syringe most of the time but when I ran out I only had 2.5cc syringes left so I had to do two shots - one shot of 1cc of sust mixed with 1cc of deca then another (with same syringe and needle) of 1cc of deca.

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    3 cc s in your quads won't be a prob bro. I recently completed a cycle shooting 3 cc s every Mon/Thur and had no complications. Make sure your using a 1.5" pin to get deep into the muscle and always aspirate and use proper sterile injecting procedures. I woulnd't go any smaller than a 23g. Good luck.

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