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Thread: Blood Pressure

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    Blood Pressure

    my cycle
    weeks 1-10 sust 250/week
    weeks 1-10 eq 200mg/week

    I am in week 6 now and my blood pressure is 152/90 is this bad??

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    Hey bro, according to this u need to see a Dr. asap! Dont mess around, u should go. Good luck!


    120 or less - normal systolic blood pressure
    121 to 139 - high normal
    140 or higher - high blood pressure, may indicate need for treatment
    Diastolic Pressure (when heart is at rest):

    80 or less - normal diastolic blood pressure
    81 to 89 - high normal diastolic blood pressure
    90 or higher - high diastolic blood pressure; may indicate need for treatment

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    I just got mine checked. It was 130/78. My dr. said thats good? I have no idea even how to read the numbers or what that means? OG, thanks for the chart!! It now makes a bit more sense!!!

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    I think it's pretty common to be elevated while on cycle. Mine was higher when taking fina. It should go back down when you're off. If it doesn't that's when I would see a doc. I say just keep monitoring it.

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