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    Using Sust in cutting cycle

    I was wondering if you could use some Sust in with some Winnie and Clen and use it for a cutting cycle? Assumuing I eat clean and do some cardio 3-4 time a week. Or would it be a waste of Sust?

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    thetick is offline New Member
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    i would take winni and prop

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    Sust is doable in a cutter, but hardly recommended.
    tick is correct in suggesting Prop

    Think of it this way. You have to shoot sust EOD to utilize the prop effeciently and if your using winny for the cutter, might as well stick to a short acting(Prop) so you can maintain levels more consistant when it comes time for clomid.

    One way you have Sust EOD as a long acting needing to be stopped 3wks prior to winny's end, or you can go with Prop ED(or EOD) and end winny and Prop at the same time.
    Prop is clearly the best and more convenient choice in this case

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