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    is this true about trenbolone?

    I understand that tren is a very potent androgen but beacuse of its lack ability to translate into estrogen, it is not the greatest for flat out mass gain. Yesterday a friend of mine and myself got into a debate over trenbolones effect when stacked with test. I know that tren shuts down your body's natural testosterone production hard, but my friend is trying to tell me that if tren is taken with test it will actually take away or "cancel out" some of the tests anabolic capability. Basically he's saying that you would get bigger from just taking test than you would by taking test and tren. I thought this may be true but only when considering the water and fat retention from the test, but he is referring to straight muscle gain. His "tren cancals out test" theory makes no sense to me. My theory was that test alone would make you bigger than tren alone, but if the two were stacked together you would end up with more muscle and less fat than either of the two compounds could give on their own. Im confused on the subject and would appreciate anyone who could help me get my facts straight.

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    He's an idiot, tren and test would blow away a straight test cycle anyday. I notice strength gains from tren but size gains from test, best of both worlds... and tren keeps you lean in the process.

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