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    Two questions..1 about deca, 1 about test

    Im running:
    deca -300mgs a week/10wks
    enatat-250mgs a week/10wks

    About deca:
    I know it takes about 5-6 weeks for deca to kick in. Im on week five and i think my muscles are becoming more defined and much more solid (i am running test enatat as well) Once it kicks in, are the gains solid and steady from week to week till i finish. I've taken deca before, but ironically i feel my gains kinda level off, and become less noticeable at the end of my cycle.

    about test:
    You guys think i need any other anti-e's at 250mgs of enatat a week for ten weeks. Liquidex, nolvadex , hcg , anything??? any advice would be great....thanks

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    bro you need to up your test to 500mg pewr week, you still need an antiestrogen if you are prone to gyno or start developing symptoms...eventually your gains will stop, most people when they cycle get to a certain point and cant gain after that....Madmax

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