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    Exclamation Competition in 10 days need Help!

    Dear Fellow AR members,

    I just got back from Mexico for vacation and while I was there I just had to make a trip to the farmacia. I bought 6 vials of Sustonen 250, 4 vials of Primoteston 250 mg. , and 1 vial of Primobolan 50mg.
    I also picked up some Lasix 20mg, Clomid 20mg, and some Clen .

    I have but 2 questions:

    1. What would be a good cycle with what I have? This will be my first cycle so I had it like this:
    Week 1-3 Just Suston 250 with 1-AD
    Week 3-6 Sust, the primo and one shot each week there after with primoteston. I will then use the clomid and the clen.

    2. I bought a bottle of clen with 50 tablets in it. My compettion is in 10 days and I want to win it very badly, would it be a good idea to start taking the clen now and then the lasix like 2 days before the comp?
    Fill me in on the use of lasix and how to use it the best also what potassium pills do i need???

    Thanks guys.

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    OK, you're a little young to be juicing in my opinion, but that's your decision. Questions:

    1) When you say vials, how many mls are in each? 10?? 20 on the primobolan ?? And I hope you don't mean amps b/c you'll have enough to run about 2 weeks if that's the case

    2) what are your planned dosages with each component?

    You've got some researching to do before you run anything bro..and sorry but I don't know anything about lasix

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    bro you need to do some serious research, you dont have near enough gear to run a cycle, you are way to young, start reading up bro...Madmax

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    You don't have enough gear to do anything.

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    I won a lot of national qualifiers in the seattle area in the late 80's. If i remember right, I sodium loaded 6 days before teh contest for 3.5 days, then I K+ loaded to the day of the contest. I quite don't remeber exaclty how I did it, it's been over 15yrs? but it did work well.

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