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    Hmmm, supra enathate or QV enanthate?

    Little bit of a delima here. Should I look into getting the supra test enanthate or QV enanthate? I've used the QV before, and its worked very well. However I've heard there are alot of fakes circulating around at this point. I would probably get the 50ml jugs of the QV, I'm not sure if those have been faked yet or not. If I went the supra route, I'd just get the supratest, which is in 20ml bottles I believe. The QV would be alot cheaper, however I don't know if they have started faking the 50ml's yet or not. Any advice?

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    i know nothing about supra test but i can tell u if the qv product has a hologram that is refelctive than ur good to go! so i would go the cheaper route and choose the qv but research and learn exactly what the real ones look like........chek out the site

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    Both are good.

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    i can say that the supra

    is all good.i'm doing supra test right now. that and the supra deca and i'm up a good 18 lbs, which for me is diet is totally in order obviously though, but the supra goods are all good IMO

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