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    Cortisone Levels After Gear??

    Whatup bros. Im wondering about cortisone levels after a cycle, and if clen is the best way to combat them and help in maintaining gains. I have nolva and clomid, buit I've been told that cortisone is as much a bastard as any hormonre level issues. Is this just someone trying to sell me clen, or shoudl i give it a go? Are there any alternatives that can helpo with this? Any over the counter supplements you would recommend on top of the clomid?

    My cycle was 10 weeks of 200 deca and 500 sust...with winnies the last 4 weeks at 50mg ED.

    Thanks bros, any info is helpful.
    Happy Lifting


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    #1 u dont need clen cause ur cycle was not long enough or androgenic enuff, it was a decent cycle but did u do not need clen

    #2 since u used winny, which prolly hardened ur gained muscle, you will most likely keep all ur gains

    #3 since u did deca for 10 weeks that was enough to allow u to keep at least 90% of ur gains provided u run clomid at 300/100/50

    day 1 = 300 mg clomid
    day 2 - 11 = 100mg/ed clomid
    day 12 - 21 = 50 mg/ed clomid

    that should be enough for your cycle

    clen is good when u do a crazy cycle like anadrol and some insanly strong test, i say dont buy clen!

    but technically, clen will simply block the cortisol receptors in the body until the levels decrease. do some more research, go to the education threads and read the clenbuterol handbook

    good luck !

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    good stuff...thanks for the input.

    Happy Lifting....


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