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Thread: joint pain

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    joint pain

    hey all, i have bad shoulders from multiple past injuries and i'm taking winny at 50mg ed for 6 weeks. i've heard winny is hard on joints and wondering what i could take for joint pain. so far the recommendations i've heard are deca and glucosamine condroitan. are those the best? are there any other products legal preferably or non that could help? or is the joint pain associated w/ winny overplayed and not bad?

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    No my joints hurt like hell towards the end of my cycle of winny. Decva and gluco. are pretty much it unless you want to take low low doses of GH.

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    glucosamine at high doses work, like 4 pills a day. But I'd just go for the deca . You can do a low dose of 200mg-300mg a week for your joints.

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    Yeah, deca will work, but if you aren't interested in the water retention, I read somewhere that equipoise was more effective.

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    shark cartilage

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