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    how come underground labs never make anavar/halo/primo?

    it seems to me ppl are always asking about these 3. but they are next to impossible to obtain. why is it these are never made by certain companies. are they harder to make? i don't understand, it seems they are in demand.

    also what's the deal with bromo? is it illegal like in the sense of AS? I can't even tounch deca /fina because of the damn gyno that i get from it. I got them both lying around and cannot take either because of it. No prob's obtaining nolva/arimidex , but as we know, that won't help with fina/deca gyno, and bromo is just as unattainable as those other 3.


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    lots of UGLs make Anavar , a few make Primo and I haven't really seen a demand for Halo.

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    Unhappy what

    okay, i am confused as hell now. i have been reading the educational forums a good bit lately. in particular, one thread about different esters. in the thread about fina, it said that it did not cause gyno and that it was a good fat burner. i think i have been reading to much and not asking enough questions. i was planning on using fina but now this thread says that nolva/arimidex will not prevent gyno. i am as confused as a baby in a booby bar. what makes this worse, i guess, is i read an article on t-mag called the finasol experiment. he did the topical solution, sprayed it twice a day and had great gains. he used one of biotests test boosters for post cycle therapy . no mention of gyno. do you think this article was a load of crap or does fina affect people differently.

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    Like dizzle said many UGL's do make these products but some shy away because the raw materials are very expensive. To my knowledge bromo is not in the same classification as AAS.

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    Bromo is not controlled.....

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    raw materials cost alot and there not high demand i know of a few underground labs that produce primo & anadrol and combination gears.

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