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    Question Advice on Ganabol/winny cicle!

    Hi.Im 22 years old,have been training for 7 years.My current weight is 100 kilos (i think its about 215 lbs),with 15% bodyfat..Done 3 cycles,always like this : began with a small amount,always increasing,and then decreasing again in the end of the cycle (like a pyramid).But this time i was planning something different : im going on a cutting cycle wich goes like this :

    600 mg ganabol week (for 8 weeks)
    150 winny week (for 8 weeks)
    proviron and clomid

    Any suggestions ? Do you think im doing it the right way ? what kind of results should i expect from this cycle?
    Please,let me know what you think! Thank you

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    look ok make sure u run the eq for atleast 10 weeks and the winny bro u need to run it 50 mg ed .due to its halflife ,i would aslo run test in ther regardless as its much more anticatabolic then both of them which will be good while ur cutting .

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    if you could extend the eq to 10-12 weeks and winny 50mg/ed and as Big N said test should be the backbone of every cycle!

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    I agree. EQ should be ran at a min. of 10wks at 400mg/wk. If you can, try and run it for 12. Winny is most effective when ran at 50mg/ED and I wouldn't suggest running it for more than 6wks unless you have cycled an 8 wker before with no complications. IMO no cycle is complete without test. If your looking to cut try some prop also at 600mg/wk. You can cycle the prop up until two days prior to clomid and the winny one day prior. Make sure that you start your clomid 3wks after your last shot of EQ. Also throw in a liver protectant as winny is heptoxic. Good luck.

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