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    how to tell fake gear

    Can someone please tell me their thoughts on how to tell fake gear?

    no gains?
    something with the lids?
    the vials?
    the caps?
    the oil?

    is there someway to better judge that your gear is fake or not?
    Just something I have always been curious about.

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    every steroid company (ie; quality vet, brovel, ttokkyo) has a different way to tell if its fake or not! qv the hologram is reflective, ttokkyo there is something printed on the bottom of the bottle (ithink its tk), brovel has securtiy holograms, 3 glue strips, and blue fades down 3/4 of the way down and FADES into white. if u have a certain juice in mind check the steroids pictures forum and ull c some comparisons

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