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Thread: First Cycle

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    First Cycle

    looking to start my first cycle. 10 weeks 300mg Deca , 25mg D-Bol, Sustanon 250 mg finished off with some prov/nolv. My question is, do you take one dose of deca a week or spread it out and what type of investment I'm taking about.

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    Only run d-bol for 4-5 weeks tops and up it to 30mgs per day.
    You can spread out the deca in to .5 cc twice a week but you should up the sus to 500mgs per week.
    You'll also need clomid for post cycle.
    What you'll pay will depend on a # of things. If your getting this from a local gym source you'll obviously be paying alot more then if you would order from over sea's. Domestic is generaly alittle bit more then an over sea's source but domestic is much safer.
    Just make sure u learn all you can before you start.

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    Once a week is fine on the Deca , its long acting. If anything, you want to shoot the Sus more than once a week to benefit on the short acting esters.

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