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    Winstrol and D-bol stack

    Hey guys after my eq and sust cycle I might do a small d-bol and winny cycle like this

    weeks 1-5 D-bol 40mg/day
    weeks 1-7 Winny 50mg/EOD

    will that work for a solid 5 to 10 pounds??

    and how long after my last injection do I have to wait for clomid?

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    should be fine if you eat right

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    2 orals gonna be real hard on your liver unless u inject winny..

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    Originally posted by Needtobeswoledup
    2 orals gonna be real hard on your liver unless u inject winny..
    As I understand it, even injecting a 17aa, it makes the same pass through your liver and, as such, ultimately retains much, if not all, of its liver toxicity.

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    Both are 17aa so they will be tough together. I would run them separately not together. They actually work differently too.

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    chinups Guest
    I think you should run it, you will see good results. Of course they are both 17aa so that is not the best thing for liver but if you take milk thistle, r-ala, and other liver pros you should be fin, also do not drink. I also suggest using letrozole for bloat from the get go. Keep diet clean and run three times a wk.

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