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    Injection schedule questions.

    I am curious about your injection schedules.

    If you are stacking two (or more) injectable steroids , do you inject them both on the same day or do your prefer to split the week up?


    I plan to start a 300 mg/week deca , 250 mg/week test-E cycle soon. I realize that these dosages are on the small side, considering that I do wieght in at 215, but it's my 1st cycle and I feel better about starting with a low dosage.

    I'm wondering if I should split up both the test-E and Deca injections so I inject each one twice a week. My work out schedule currently is:

    Monday: Back
    Tues: Arms
    Wed: Chest
    Thur: Legs
    Fri: Shoulders
    Sat & Sun: Rest

    Any suggestions for an injection schedule?

    thanks dudes!

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    Hey bro, I suggest increasing the dose of enth to 500mg/wk and the deca to 400mg/wk. At 215 you probaly won't see much results at the doses you plan on running. Always run the test at a higher dose than the deca so that you keep Mr. Happy........well...happy. Split your doses twice a wk; 250mg test/200mg deca on Mon and the same on Thur. Also try and rotate your injection sites.

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    Yes, If it was me I would split up the injection days. 2 times a week, and I dont think that those dosages are low for your first cycle. But 2 times a week should be ok..I would do like sunday wadnesday.

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