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    Lightbulb Ok sust EOD Or EOOD

    Well i know u gotta split the shots. Ive got little 10ml bottles from PVl. Now if i was to do it EOD i could get up to 1000mgs in a WEEK! Thats nuts. But im going to just do it Every other other day lol, so thats up to 750 mgs in a week sometimes.
    Its gonna be like

    250mg eood for 10 weeks
    400mgs/week of deca for 12 weeks
    and weeks 1-4 dbol 25mgs/day

    nova on hand
    looking for something incase i get anything from deca
    and i got clomid

    think i should get another 10ml bottle of deca and run it for a little longer? i think id get up to 16 weeks.

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    Your running a similar cycle i will be running this year in about 10 weeks or so.. Keep me posted on how you like the results and such.

    except this will be my "X" # of cycle ran and it consists of
    organon deca 800 mg front load week 1
    organon deca 400mg 2-12
    organon sus250 1-12 e.o.d.
    pink tia d-bol's 40mg 1-4
    prop 100mg eod 12-15
    liquidex through out
    bromo on hand
    nolva on hand
    clomid as usual

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    Re: Ok sust EOD Or EOOD

    Originally posted by GetNBig
    Now if i was to do it EOD i could get up to 1000mgs in a WEEK! Thats nuts.
    Bro... if you shoot sust EOD, juat remember you do NOT have to shoot 1cc each time.

    Figure out how many mg's per week you want, divide by 4 shots, voila.

    So if you want 700mg/wk, divide by 4, thats 175mg per shot. Now if your juice is 250mg/ml that means you shoot 0.7cc eod.

    Of course shooting e3d is also a valid way to do it, but remember that the short acting esters in sust only last 1-2 days (and the long ones up to 2 weeks of course), so to use them to the max EOD would be ideal.


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    I just started a Sust cycle at 500mg a week for 8 weeks. Should i split 500mg into EOD? What do I do with the open bottle of Sust? will it go bad? Thanks.

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    umm you guys do realize there is only 7 days in a week right?

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    i did a sust cycle at 500mg slip like monday and thursday i was not happy, if i were you run it EOD trust me you will love ur results.....but then again i will never do another sust cycle again IMO...goodluck bro

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    IMO sust NEEDS to be run EOD. Not only to effeciently utilize the prop, but also if your doing a Mon/Thurs or even a Mon/Wed/Fri, your going ot get a dip in test levels, disrupting consistancy and possibly increasing the chance for estrogenic side effects.

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