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    "australian"test suspention

    I just switched from EQ prop to test suspention.I forgot to write the brand down but this one you can't mistake.The box is bright yellow and has a kangaroo on it flexing his bi-cept muscle "cracks me up"its a 20cc bottle and 100mg/ml.I am doing 100mg/day with 400mg of QV eq.My question is my boy who i get my juice from said this suspention is AWSOME!!and considering the pumps and strenghth increases i felt over the last 4 day's he's right any of you know this brand.Also i am drawing the suspention from a 18''guage then swithching to a 25'' guagre to inject.But the crystals are clogging the pin and can't get it in.I tried putting in 1/3cc of water does not work.Today i mixed my EQ with it.Still no good.The last 2 day's i've been putting the 18''guage on and OUCH!!!it works but that's like a nail!!Any other advise?Also has anyone done or heard of this australian suspention?your comments are appreciated

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    it's Syd-Group. 100mg 20mL.

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