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    What is the diffrence between nolvadex and femara?

    I was wondering what the diffrence between nolvadex and femara was. I have both on hand for my next cycle and was wondering which I should use. I was thinking about using the femara during my cycle and running the nolva along with the clomid for after my cycle. And also I have HCG but I am not sure if I want to use it yet. Here is my cycle tell me what you guys think.Thanks guys.
    500 mgs Test Enath. per week (10 weeks)
    400 mg of either eq or primo per week (10 weeks)
    25 mgs of Dbol per day (weeks 1-3)

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    the difference is that Femara is an aromatase inhibitor and nolvadex is a SERM.
    I think nolva would do the job in this cycle but if you have Femara use it during the whole cycle. 1/2 tab ED get the job done.
    yes, you can use nolva while you wait for clomid, but no need for using it along with clomid.

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