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    is the d-bol causing my problems??

    i am currently on a d-bol/deca /fina cycle. I don't think you guys will need to much info, i just have one simple question. This is my 3rd cycle to use reforvit b. I am on my 2nd week and my skin is drying out bad. I had a few pimples and blemishes on my shoulders b-4 cycle, now that has disappeared. skin is clear, just peeling and lips this from the d-bol? U would think that I'd be taking accutane the way I look.also, i'm not getting quite the gains I should be off of the dbol . can I take 50mg/ed on this cycle? I've used 35-40mg on previous cycles. should I start using anadrol on my NEXT cycle?

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    Are you sure that your refovit-b is legit? If it's bunk there's no telling what you are taking. Just a thought, because if anything you should be a little more oily.


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    your skin is drying up because the dbol is causing your muscles to absorb the water from your skin.

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    To add to what hbk said, drink more.
    You cant go wrong with moisturizers on top of that.
    Also, while youre at it , be sure to protect other important aspects of your body such as your liver. (do a search)

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