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    Unhappy Got a flu during cycle!

    my friend got a flu during his cycle, which made him lose 22 lbs in 8 days although he continued his juicing during his flu

    so what do you think will recover what he lost?


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    I'm sure he will. Being sick anytime, much less on cycle, sucks. It only holds you back but it shouldn't discourage you too much just stay focused. And make sure your fully well before you go back to the gym a relaspe will just make things take that much longer.

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    Yeah be carefull. I had a bad cold two weeks ago. I kept on working out like an idiot... almost got rid of it, then it hit me again. I thought it would go away and I kept on working out. Well a stomach flu hit me like a rock on Thursday night (probably since my immune system was messed with the cold and working out and taking an ECA stack to keep me going). I ended spending the entire weekend on the flush because of it. I'm going to take it easy at the gym this week.

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